Prineville Oregon Mission Work


Meeting Place:

First Landmark Missionary Baptist Mission

398 NE Deer St.,
Prineville, OR 97754

Service Times:

  • Sunday School: 9:45 am
  • Sunday Morning Worship: 11 am
  • Sunday Evening BTC: 5 pm
  • Sunday Evening Worship: 6 pm
  • Wednesday Prayer and Worship 6:30 pm

The Prineville, Oregon mission work is a ministry of the Albany Missionary Baptist Church in Albany, Oregon. After much prayer and seeing a need and desire for a scriptural church in that area, we believe the Holy Spirit has led us to send a missionary to Prineville with the intent to eventually organize that mission work into a New Testament Church, God willing.

On November 19th, 2016, Brother Nathan Hocker was ordained to be a minister by the authority of the First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Springfield, Oregon.  After becoming an ordained minister, Brother Hocker, his wife, and daughter presented themselves to the Albany Missionary Baptist Church for membership on Sunday November 20th, 2016.

Below is a link to our Questionnaire that Brother Hocker has answered satisfactorily according to the scriptures. Please feel free to read it and see for yourself what he believes on doctrinal issues.

Brother Nathan Hocker Questionnaire

More About Brother & Sister Hocker

Brother Nathan Hocker was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon and raised in West Eugene, Oregon.  Sister Leslie Hocker was born and raised in North Eugene, Oregon. In 1990, Brother Nathan and Sister Leslie began dating and shortly after began attending the First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Springfield, Oregon.  They both accepted the Lord as their personal Savior in 1991 and were baptized by the Church on the same day in December 1991, Brother Roger Crabtree being the Administer.

In 1991, Brother Nathan graduated from Willamette High School and Sister Leslie graduated from North Eugene High School in 1992.

The Hocker’s were married in April of 1993.  In the late summer of that year, Brother Nathan made a trip to Alaska and quickly found work.  Sister Leslie, pregnant at the time, stayed in Springfield until the birth of their son, Austin.  In November, Sister Leslie and Austin rejoined Brother Nathan to start the next chapter of their life in the Last Frontier.

The Hocker’s joined the Badger Road Baptist Church via the Mission work in Chugiak, Alaska.  They were charter member of the organized Badger Road Baptist Church.  In October of 2000, their second child, Sarah, was born in Anchorage, Alaska.

Sister Leslie has been a stay at home Mom and has home schooled the children on and off through out their education.  She’s been active in the PTA, Home School Association, 4H and in Church as a Teacher.  Brother Nathan has also been active in PTA, and served in Church as a Teacher, Song Leader, and Treasurer.  Brother Nathan spent 11 years at the Alaska Railroad when he felt the Lord call him in the Ministry in the summer of 2005.

After a couple of years, Brother Nathan traveled to Oregon in the spring of 2007 for business and was able to attend Springfield School of the Bible hosted by the First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Springfield, Oregon.   Upon returning to Alaska, the conviction for the need to be taught was great and caused the Hocker family to pack up and head back to Springfield in the summer of 2007.

Since then the Hocker family have been active participants in the local church, growing in the Lord there in Springfield.  Brother Nathan and Sister Leslie have been endeavoring to do the Lord’s work and are rejoicing in the opportunity that the Lord has provided in Prineville, Oregon.